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Why aren't attachments showing up in the Photos and Files field?

Question asked by ClintonSC_GIS on Jun 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2020 by GrimsbyGIS

Our organization recently installed Portal and we are collecting data in the field. I have created attachments and using Collector. When I upload data, the attachment is added and updated. When I try to view it in my portal map, it says that there are not any pictures, but when I click on where I would add a picture, the picture is there. Is this a bug in the software? It shows up in ArcMap and the picture is in the database.



Photos and Files show (0), yet there is one attachment.



The picture is viewable when I click on it.


It seems like the number of attachments should show up in the Photos and Files field. Why doesn't it?

Thank you,

Mary Wasson