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Calculate Route Concurrencies Dominant Error type 4

Question asked by Michael.Clement@iowadot.us_IowaDOT on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by NEasley-esristaff

We have a few routes in our network that are returning error code 4 from the Calculate Route Concurrencies tool which is says " One of two conditions are present in the concurrent section: the route is not calibrated in the concurrent section or the centerline that composes the concurrent section doesn't align with the geometry of the route."  


Has anyone ran into this issue and can anyone provide any ideas of what to look for to fix the issue?  


The route in question acts like it is calibrated in every other way we can test it. We can get valid measures using the Identify LRS Route Location tool.


I checked the route geometry against the centerline geometry that makes up the route using the Symmetrical Difference tool and it didn't find any differences.