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What could cause a Spatial Join (Completely Within) to return false positives?

Question asked by enviro-intel on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by enviro-intel

I have a large feature class of survey areas that I need to Spatial Join to a target Feature Class of buffered work locations to find locations that are Completely Within a survey. This is part of a large model I have created for our team, but my coworker noticed it is returning some join features that do not contain the target features. What's more strange, is that when I switched the join option to just Within, which should be less limited in scope, these false positives disappear, although now I am left with other unwanted target features where work areas and surveys just partially overlap.


What could cause this strange error?


I have run the repair geometry tool on both feature classes involved. Are there other geometry errors that could be causing this?


The image below shows the two work areas that are falsely returning information as if they were entirely within the survey area in orange.