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I'd like to remove audio and video attachments from quick reports form

Question asked by battend on Jun 13, 2019

I have an ESRI personal use license. I've made an android app for a local trail group to crowdsource damage to trails and send the locations and brief descriptions of the damage to me. Things like downed trees and washed out trail surface. My concept is the simpler the better, so the individual's hike is not interrupted for a long time filling in the form. I also want to keep it as small as possible, since the county doesn't have very high speed internet. The latest update of QuickReport added audio and video attachments, as well as photos from an album. I don't want these options crowding up my app, and would like to remove them. I've found that I can do so easily in AppStudio desktop, but it seems that I can't upload the app back to App Studio Online since I only have the basic AppStudio license and I need the standard license. So even though I can make the changes, I can't save them to the app for distribution to local hikers for beta testing.


Am I stuck with all the extra functions I don't need, or is there some way I haven't thought of make simple edits to the Quick Report app?


Thanks in advance for any insights.