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Is there a workaround for the Mobile Map Package version 3 issue?

Question asked by rskearney_RWH2O on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by bpierce-esristaff

I am having problems getting a Mobile Map Package (MMPK) to work in the explorer app. I shared the MMPK to my ArcGIS online account and was able to download it to the Explorer for ArcGIS Beta app on the windows device my organization will be using, but nothing shows up when I open it. I then downloaded the MMPK to an Explorer for ArcGIS app on an iOS device and noticed that the map title was "Invalid Map". When I clicked on the map I was prompted with the message "Unable to Open Map: Mobile map package version is not supported". 


After doing a little research, I found this article on GeoNet The answer to the question came from Mark Bockenhauer. He said, "Yes, the new locator files as well as Tile Package .TPKX will create Version 3 Mobile Map Packages.  Version 3 is supported in Runtime 100.5... due to release soon." While I feel that this is the problem I'm dealing with (I am using multiple locators and a .VTPK basemap), I still have not found a workaround to get the MMPK to work on my windows device.


Based on this answer I have two questions:

1) When is Runtime 100.5 being released and how can I make sure that I get this update?

2) Is there currently a workaround for getting the MMPK to work on the Explorer for ArcGIS Beta on Windows?


Software Info:

ArcGIS Pro Version 2.3.3

Explorer for ArcGIS Beta 2