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Export of Portal repository fails due to missing item folder

Question asked by jacksoe on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2020 by JQuinn-esristaff

We are seeing this error in our DR Tool backup log. 


2019-06-11 20:30:35 ERROR [pool-2-thread-1] com.esri.arcgis.webgis.component.Portal - {"error":{"code":500,"details":null,"message":"Failed to export site. Export of the Portal repository failed. D:\\arcgisportal\\content\\items\\0b2ddccc355247f09bdac514024e9244"}}


The Portal \Content\items folder is indeed missing this folder. 


I manually created a folder with the referenced GUID and the Site Export succeeds.  


Will we have a problem if we ever try to restore from this site export?  Does it make sense that a single missing item folder would break the export?