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Is branch versioning in Pro compatible with SQLExpress 2012?

Question asked by gfctspivey on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by oldboy7075

I am working with an SDE database created in Arcmap 10.6.x, which is in a SQLExpress 2012 instance. I am able to set the geodatabase properties to branch versioning in ArcPro 2.3. I have tried both importing data from AGOL and creating a new feature class in the database,  and in both cases the properties of the dataset indicate that the data is branch versioned also. But when trying to share the branch versioned data I receive an error related to the dataset owner. Although I connected and created the data as the 'sa' user, Pro is convinced that dbo is the dataset owner - this even though I enabled the sde schema when creating the database. I have gone to the SQL side and created users that have ownership privileges and also a 'dbo' login, but when those are used the Version Management option is not enabled in the Share tool dialog. I'm no SQL expert for sure but starting to think it might be a compatibility issue - the version of Pro required for branch versioning is not compatible with SQL2012 and fails to create the enterprise database (which is why arcmap 10.6 was used). Can anyone confirm this? If so would there be any other issues with backward compatibility if we install SQL 2016 on our GIS server, since our primary non-spatial database is running on 2012? Thanks, cob