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How do I view my TPK file in Survey123?

Question asked by agall_intrah on Jun 10, 2019

I am developing a survey in Survey123 that will be conducted in an area without internet connectivity, and need to utilize offline maps so that users can pinpoint specific locations.  I have followed ESRI instructions to prepare a TPK file with the area map from ArcGIS Pro ( The TPK file size is 168 KB.  I have copied that TPK file into the "media" file of the survey.  When I open the survey Survey123 Connect, and click "Settings", I can scroll down on the "Default Map Type" menu to select my map.  However, my map is blank.  I am a beginner-to-intermediate user of ArcGIS, and have read through many forum discussions, but cannot find a solution to this issue. 


My questions are:

- Am I making an error in the creation of the TPK file?  If so, how can I check and resolve this?

- Am I making an error in associating the TPK file with the survey? If so, how can I resolve this?

- Is there any technical guidance that would help me resolve this?


Thanks for any ideas on what is going wrong here.