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Lightning - Initial Strike/No Lightning After 10 Minute Notifications

Question asked by arepsher on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by arepsher

Thanks for reading.  I am struggling to wrap my brain around this.  I have a lightning strike service.  I need to notify a team of tower workers of any lightning activity within a 10 mile radius of their work site and then notify them when 10 minutes have passed with NO lightning activity.


I already have my 10 mile geofence for each tower and a geofilter in my service.  Last year, I just ended this with a geotagger and an email - text output to send a text message to the workers.  Their phones blew up with every lightning strike within a ten mile radius.  They were not happy with me.


This time, I want to notify them of the first lightning strike and only notify them again when 10 minutes has elapsed since the last lightning event within 10 miles.  Since lightning strikes are unique, I would just add a Track_ID of the Tower Name from the geotagger to keep the detection unique to any GeoFence that may have lightning activity.


I'm going to try a few ideas and come back here later to see if anyone has any suggestions.  I need to figure out if the Incident Detector sends a message after the time limit expires.  I have only used the Track Gap Detector, but that does the opposite of what I need this to do.  I am afraid that I will use lots of resources if I use the TGD for this, as I will be keeping a gap open for long periods of time just to say 10 minutes have elapsed....


Thanks for any input!