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Cannot Edit Data after fixing a File Geodatabase Turned Folder

Question asked by CoshCoGIS on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by rborchert

Over the weekend my IT department migrated everything from one server onto another. When I came in this morning I noticed that in the process, a few of my File Geodatabases had become folders and I couldn't see the feature classes and datasets in ArcMap (currently working with Desktop 10.6). I found the workaround of copy/paste the gdb and timestamps file from a working file geodatabase into the folder in Windows Explorer. This fixed that issue and I was now able to see my data. 


However, I also need to edit those features and when attempting to start an edit session I receive the error saying that I cannot edit that geodatabase and to ensure that I have the appropriate permissions. I checked and I do. I'm not doing versioning/enterprise so this wasn't a matter going into the Advanced options in Editor. I'm guessing this may be an issue where the file geodatabase itself is missing something related to read/write permissions or editing. All other file geodatabases that were there after the migration are working fine with editing permitted.


Has anyone else encountered this and know of a fix?