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Place labels at points centers

Question asked by maxmaxmaxmaxmax on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by maxmaxmaxmaxmax

I'm trying to add label class for points layer and place labels at points centers. My code:


var maplexLabelPlacementProperties = labelClass.GetMaplexLabelPlacementProperties() ?? new CIMMaplexLabelPlacementProperties();
maplexLabelPlacementProperties.PointPlacementMethod = MaplexPointPlacementMethod.CenteredOnPoint;
maplexLabelPlacementProperties.CanRemoveOverlappingLabel = false;
maplexLabelPlacementProperties.CanTruncateLabel = false;
maplexLabelPlacementProperties.EnablePointPlacementPriorities = false;


So I explicitly set MaplexPointPlacementMethod.CenteredOnPoint. But placement is not applied. If I go to Label Classes dock pane, I will see Best position in placement combobox.


Is it possible or am I doing something wrong?