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Survey123 Integromat module Repeat functionality

Question asked by albertodiazhe on Jun 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2019 by albertodiazhe

I love the Survey123 product and the Integromat functionality.

I was wondering if it would it be possible to add "repeat" functionality to the "when a survey is submitted or updated" Integromat module.


The current module does not seem to output the data of repeats at all.

At least it does not output them if the repeat is an photo, which is my goal.


I believe that the repeat can have an unlimited number of items and that they are stored in a separate, joined table. But I guess they could be output as an array, which could be managed downstream for example by the "Iterator" and "Array Aggregator" Integromat modules.

Hello to Ismael from Spain.