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How to sync the data in Featured class to Standalone tables

Question asked by naresh.nagandla on Jun 7, 2019

Hi, I have created a Add-in using Visual studio to add a new record into my featured class. It works fine but how do I Sync the same data into my Stand Alone Table as well. In below example, I have created a Featured Layer from Data in StandAlone tables.

I have a created a new add in to create a new record into Featuredclass. On Click of structure it adds a record into Featured class.

It is adding into Featured class (BRIDGES_DATA.XYTableToPoint) successfully but my question is how can the new row added into BRIDGES_DATA.NARESHTEST table as well?? 


Can we make these two sync every time so that when I add data into Tables it gets updated in FeaturedClass and viceversa??