What is the proper way to work with the IsSelected property for strings in a dockpane listbox?

Discussion created by JPHILLI2_TXDOT on Jun 7, 2019
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I have a listbox which is on a dockpane.  I am able to add a list of strings to populate the listbox.  I can get the selected items using the ListBox.SelectedItems method.  However, I am having issues setting IsSelected = True.  

The issue is that the items I am adding are all strings and therefore do not have an IsSelected property.  However, if I try adding the items as ListBoxItems, they do not show up in the listbox.

Can someone please take a look at my code and let me know what I am doing wrong or possibly provide an example of adding ListBoxItems that are strings to a listbox on a dockpane?  Thanks so much in advance.



Listbox Dockpane Example




 <ListBox Name="myListBox"
Width="Auto" Height="300"
Background="{DynamicResource Esri_BackgroundPressedBrush}"
ItemsSource="{Binding Assets, Mode=TwoWay}">



public Dockpane1View()

foreach (ListBoxItem item in myListBox.Items)

//if item meets certain condition
   item.IsSelected = true;




protected Dockpane1ViewModel() {

//AssetSource is just a list of strings

foreach (var asset in AssetSource)



//If I change the string type of the observable collections to ListBoxItem, nothing shows up in the listbox

private ObservableCollection<string> _Assets = new ObservableCollection<string>();

public ObservableCollection<string> Assets
SetProperty(ref _Assets, value, () => Assets);
//NotifyPropertyChanged(() => Assets);

get { return _Assets; }