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ArcGIS Pro "Summarize Within" Geoprocessing Tool Giving Incorrect Results

Question asked by mitchh300 Champion on Jun 6, 2019

I have run the "Summarize Within" GP tool in ArcGIS Pro 2.3.3 and it seems to be giving incorrect results.  The input is a Parcel feature class with a definition query applied to only show one parcel.  The summary polygon feature class is representing a site that also has a definition query applied.  After running the "Add Geometry Attributes" GP tool, the [POLY_AREA] field reads '124999.66403816' (see image 1).  But, after running the "Summarize Within" tool, the summary area found in the result table reads '125018.31814394'.  Does anyone have any idea why?


1.) Before running "Summarize Within" with inputs


2.) Result table after "Summarize Within" tool is complete