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I have trouble setting up the relationship tables for nested repeat

Question asked by YYokozawa1 on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by dougbrowning

I'm testing nested repeat using feature service I created in a geodatabase. I made three layers of repeat, and the last repeat will upload images with some notes. It's Survey-Site-Grid-Image structure. I created three related tables (site, grid and image tables) and I enable attachment to only the image table. The "Enable Attachment" created one more table and relationship class. I also created the relationship class for each table (except the last attachment table because the relationship was already created.) When I published the dataset, I added the feature layer, site table, grid table, image table, and the attachment table into the map, then published them.


I created a form from the dataset using Survey123 connect, and edit the XLS. I tried not to touch too much, so I edited only the labels and added "query=1=1 allowUpdates=True" to the bind::saveincomplete field for the begin repeat rows. Then published the form. It published successfully.


I downloaded the form into my field app (Windows version installed into my PC), and filled the survey, then submit. The problem is the submit never complete. The submission got stack with this message below. The table name is the image table in the dataset. I had no problem publishing the form, so I'm guessing I made a mistake during setting up the related tables especially for the image table. Or I shouldn't include the attachment table to the dataset?