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Survey123 web form inconsistently triggering Integromat Webhook

Question asked by philip.mccarthy_DPI on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2020 by jshapiro_US20

Hi All


I have a number of Survey123 forms that I've built and have configured webhooks in Integromat to output submitted data for each into a Google Sheet, and in some cases save submitted photos to Google Drive.

During testing using the Web App, everything worked just fine - data went through the google sheet and photos saved to google drive. I am not using the Field App

However after deploying to users I'm discovering that some of their submitted records don't appear to be triggering the webhooks (happens across multiple forms), though all records are appearing in the 'Data' tab for the form in I can't reproduce the problem, I've arranged for these users to submit test records whilst watching the webhook and it gets triggered ok each time. Everytime I submit a test record it goes through ok.

I've examined the logs for the Integromat webhook, and the missing records do not appear in the history and there are no incomplete executions. Its like the webhook is randomly not getting triggered.

To say this is alarming is an understatement, I have no explanation and the random nature of the issue is making it extremely difficult to resolve. Attached is a screenshot of the 'webhook' section in a Survey123 form that has this issue. I just put in a Microsoft Flow webhook to be notified about any new records so I can see how that service performs.


Thanks, Phil