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Is it possible to pair a Trimble R6 with Collector and have it populate GNSS fields?

Question asked by JRougeaux on Jun 5, 2019

I am attempting to pair an R6 for use in Collector for Android and am trying to determine if I have hit a dead end.  I can achieve centimeter accuracy using GNSS Status, but it only works in Collector if I keep the Provider set to Integrated.  Therefore, the GNSS fields do not populate when I collect a point.  This is for a waterline project and the client is seeking highly accurate z-values that need to be documented.


If I try to switch the provider to the R6, I lose my connection to GNSS Status as soon as I open a map.  I thought maybe it was an issue with either the VRS or NMEA settings in GNSS Status, but nothing has worked thus far.


Any help or direction is greatly appreciated!