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Survey123 repeat image question doesn't allow renaming if name already exists in the database.

Question asked by ajkarapandzich on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2019 by lfeschuk11

Why is my survey not allowing me to rename a photo in a repeat question with a name that is already stored in the related attachment table? 


Background: I created my survey from a feature service. The feature class has related tables for repeat questions within the survey. There are two questions that are repeat image questions. 


Problem Example: I was able to successfully submit a survey that contained 8 pictures that I renamed. The survey is for building inspections, so the example I'll use is I renamed one of the photos "Master Bedroom". I went to do another mock survey submission for a different property and when I tried to rename a photo for that house as "Master Bedroom", it turned red and reverted to the default name.


The weird thing is I went to the outbox and resubmitted the first survey. This meant that my attachment table in my database has two entries called "Master Bedroom" but the survey still doesn't allow me to rename photos that. Is there something I am doing wrong in my survey setup?