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Using Band Composite on two rasters with the same band...

Question asked by ChrTranholm on Jun 4, 2019
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I have been struggling with this problem for some time - I am rather new to ArcGIS Pro and apologize in advance if this is trivial, but I really need to find out what I am doing wrong...


I have a set of Sentinel 2 images with just one band each (NDVI or NDRE) and a set of drone photos that are multispectral.


I used Extract Band to isolate NDVI respectively NDRE in the drone photos as well and now I want to combine drone and sattelite derived rasters so I can use Chart to see how well they fit together (they were taken at almost the same time over the same fields and I need to make an estimate of the correlation between NDVI/NDRE in the two...).


But when I try to do this I end up with a new raster that is identical to the original one-band drone raster..?