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Symbology Fields

Question asked by dancharlesworth on Jun 5, 2019
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Hi All,


I need some help on symbology if at all possible. My data has two key fields, management and year. I have taken a screenshot of the current data symbology and attached it. Where the management type is "1" I need to symbolise against 2 (both) fields. Where the management type is anything other than "1" I only need to identify against 1 field, the management type field. 


I'm hoping the attached file will explain the issue more thoroughly. Essentially where its management type 1 I need it to symobolise differently for each 5 year period and this is where the felling year field is utilised. Where the management type is anything other than 1 I just need it to symbolise based on the management type and the felling year can be ignored. 


Can this be done?