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Saving in ArcGIS Pro is very clunky

Question asked by sumyer on Jun 3, 2019
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Oldschool ArcGIS user... I find the ability to perform the various saves in ArcGIS Pro to be very CLUNKY. 

If a change is made to an alias (whether to the current layer or the data source) of a field in the Fields view of the table, and then I go to close the Fields tab of that layer, I get "Unsaved Changes Found" asking me if I am sure I want to close the pane...that all unsaved edits to the workspace will be lost.  So, I try to find anywhere where the option to Save is not grayed out...  Not finding any. I guess I wish there were someplace in the program window where I could see a separate small panel overview summarizing the various unsaved edits with save buttons next to them so I could just click them and be done.  Ugh.