TileCache+Local database vs AGSGenerateOfflineMap

Discussion created by stephen.miller4 on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by NFurness-esristaff

I've been looking through the sample code and Esri videos trying to figure out the best approach, and I've come across two approaches that might be equivalent but I'm not sure. At ArcGIS Enterprise: Best Practices for Layers and Service Types - YouTube they describe exactly what I want, however they use separate layer services and I'm currently using a single map containing multiple layers. This is similar to the iOS Data Collection sample code (Data Collection for iOS | ArcGIS for Developers ), but they use AGSGenerateOfflineMap. Does AGSGenerateOfflineMap automatically do what is described in the video, as far as using a local Tile Cache and a Geodatabase, if the map contains a Vector Tile layer and a Feature layer, or will I need to do additional work to get the local caching described in the video?