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How Exactly Does Drone2Map Work?

Question asked by MarkHotz on May 31, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by keirenmesriaustralia-com-au-esridist

We find ourselves in dire need of using something like Drone2Map to rapidly get georeferenced drone captured imagery into an orthophoto and distributed to the right people that same day.  I have tried using just ArcGIS Pro to demonstrate how difficult it is to import such drone imagery, and then have it georeferenced (which because of bugs I had to do manually) where it can be used immediately in a GIS.  It took days to go through 50-100 images to create a mosaic to use in the GIS, and the accuracy was horrendously poor; hence, our use case does strongly support a need for the software.


I need to learn (and then explain to managers) though how Drone2Map actually works (i.e. the workflow).  If there is any manual adjustment in the GIS needed for this imagery it will not be an easy sell:


  • Are the captured images from a drone's camera georeferenced using Drone2Map?  (i.e. will they simply drop right into one's GIS and into their correct location once loaded as a layer?).
  • Does one still need to manually shift the captured images (or tiled images) to "fit" once they are in the GIS?
  • What sort of post-processing (if any) can one expect to perform after the images have been captured (i.e. after using Drone2Map), or does Drone2Map simply take care of all steps in the workflow?
  • If one does the appropriate flight planning, is there a limit to how many images can be stitched together to make one large image (we have elevation restrictions in place here because of two aerodromes)?
  • Does Drone2Map take into consideration the pitch, yaw and elevation of the drone, plus the direction the camera was facing at the time images were captured (is the scale, image rotation and precise location correct when brought into the GIS)?


I'm pretty well sold on the technology, but I do still need to properly inform senior managers here just how much this software will improve our drone image capabilities.