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Problem with pasting columns of data when column cells are drop down

Question asked by coriell.jacob on May 31, 2019

So I'm currently working in arcmap with two attribute tables for two different feature classes in the same layer. The feature classes can simply be thought of as points on a map. Lets call the two tables A and B.


Attribute table A and B are not identical but share a few common columns. My job is to manually insert three columns of data into both table A and table B. This data comes basically off an image I am inserting on the mxd; that is just to say I must manually read and enter the data myself into one of the tables first. 


Right now, I havnt been able to figure out how to copy just columns of data from attribute tables so my process is this: 


Analyze the data in arcmap, enter the data into the first attribute table, select the new records just entered (I do about ~15 entries at a time) and copy them, paste the records into some program like excel, copy a column of data in excel that I also need in the second attribute table in arcmap and paste by clicking the column header and CTRL-V. 


As I said, I am basically trying to copy/paste 3 columns of data from the first table where I initially entered the data into the second table. One of these columns is a purely string field which encounters no problems when pasting a column of data.


The other two columns are drop-down menus with string choices. When pasting into these columns, every single record is pasted except for the last record. After pasting, arcmap displays an error: "The field must contain a string value" and leaves the last record unchanged. So if I had 4 records of data and I paste on a column that is drop-down data, 3 of the 4 records successfully get pasted in but the last record is unchanged (null) and the error is thrown, forcing me to manually click the drop down for the last record and pick the correct choice myself. 


Is there something I can do differently to get around this? I know thats a lot to take in and I'm pretty new to arcmap and arcgis programs so please let me know if something I said doesnt make sense or can be done more efficiently. Any solutions should probably not bank on changing anything about the attribute tables themselves because I likely dont have the authorization to do so. I've got some programming experience so feel free to throw out a code suggestion.