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Pro Schema Locking

Question asked by roemhildtg on May 30, 2019
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Anyone know if there's a way to clear a lock on a fgdb in pro without restarting the whole program? I close out  of any active maps that use that fgdb, I refresh catalog tree, but nothing seems to "unlock" the database. Just curious if people have similar experiences or have a workaround. Closing/restarting pro takes a good chunk of my day it seems and I'd love to find an alternative. I can't find any way to remove the lock other than a full shutdown of pro.


More details:

 - A standalone python script I'm working on in Jupyter throws a schema lock error

 - There is a lock file in the file gdb I'm working with


Removing the layer from the map looks like it clears the lock, UNLESS I have browsed to the layer in the fgdb through the catalog pane. If I first connect to it via the catalog panel in Pro, then removing the layer does NOT remove the lock.