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How do I refresh an sde connection to see updates to a feature class?

Question asked by Jeremy.Rogers_TXDOT on May 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Jeremy.Rogers_TXDOT

I have created a button that fires a stand alone python script. The script will update a row in a feature class that exists in an sde. I have that same feature class in my map in the aprx. Once the script has fired I want to see the updated row in the attribute table. If I manually refresh the sde connection in my database connection folder inside the aprx it will not update the row. However, if I were to right-click on the sde database and select properties this will cause a "refresh" and the update will become visible in the attribute table. I am attempting to duplicate this "refresh" action in C# once the python script has finished but I'm striking out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.ArcGIS Pro SDK