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Hi All,

I am exectuting some GP processes in a loop such as copy /project ifeaturelayer to a fGDB, add fields and fill the fields with coordinates.

I am using ArcGIS 10.0, VB.NET and Windows 7. The application is an ADD-IN.

The the loop processes up to 10 Featureclasses. copying the second I get a E_Fail HRESULT message from the system ... get up to 4 messages then ArcGIS crashes.

On my developer machine its working fine with or without the development environment. On my Laptop it crashes.

Yesterday i had the same problem on the developer machine and could solve it by re-aranging  the code. Now I run out this of options.

It seems like GP can handle 4 processes in multi tasking - if one comes on top => CRASH. But i am not sure about it.

i tried allready to disable the multi treading of the geoprocessing.

I need urgent help