Querying a Table

Discussion created by jmaccgs on Mar 3, 2011
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I'm trying to modify the tabbed feature inspector sample so that it will display values from a table in the new tab's list. I'm replacing some of the logic in the "ReportPoints" function and I only have a reference to an IFeature object.

Everything in the SDK documentation leads me to believe that you can't directly instantiate an ITable; you have to derive it from something else. All I want to do is query an unrelated table in the current .mxd file. Why don't these classes have a constructor or static/class method where you can specify a table name and have the class construct it based on the equivalent table in the current workspace?

I must be approaching this in the wrong way, but it doesn't look like I can derive a reference to the table I want from an unrelated IFeature.

Any ideas? For the record, I'm writing this in C#.