ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 / AWS / Load Balancer / Webadaptor

Discussion created by s2esri on May 28, 2019
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Hi there!


I have instaled ArcGIS Enterprise using AWS Ubuntu AIM, after install I just upgrade to 10.7 and register the server, datastore and portal.


For now I have two questions.


1. How I have to configure webadaptor in a Ubuntu configuration? This is the folder webadaptor content after the instalation. 

I have tryed the configurewebadaptor.sh in tools folder, but I am reall confuse about how to configure the webadaptor.



2. I can access using RDP to connect to my ubuntu server the portal site but only with this url


But the portal looks like incomplete.


Also, I have configured a load balancer and add my ArcGis server with 6443 and 7443 ports to my Target group. 


When I access to my load balancer dns using 6443 port works like a charm, however to port 7443, always redirect to, so it does not keep my dns, I asume this is because my webadaptor is not configured.


If any of you have suggestios, please let me know.