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How can I  automate  the workflow to manipulate a DEM with the ModelBuilder?

Question asked by GK76137 on May 28, 2019
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I like to use the ModelBuilder to automate the workflow of manipulating a DEM on special locations. The input is a polygon shape marking bridges and street dams.


Normally the workflow is

  1. CLIP (polygon and DEM) à Output: DEM_CLIP
  2. Change DEM_CLIP with RASTER TO POINT à Output: DEM_C_POINT
  3. Changing manually z values in the Attribute Table à Output: DEM_C_P_M
  4. Change DEM_C_P_M with POINT TO RASTER à Output: DEM_C_P_M_R
  5. Create a new Raster with MOSAIC TO NEW RASTER


I know, I must use Iterators. But I don’t know which one!

A problem will be the different z values. I can add an additional field at the polygon shape with the new z values or the program use the smallest z value at the Attribute Table.


Can someone help?