ArcPro: Some Performance (or lack therof) Stats

Discussion created by joincto on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2019 by aquee

Just tried to use Pro 2.3.3 on MacBook Pro 2015, 8G, windows 10. All known patches installed.


I start Pro: it takes 3mins 32 secs (3:32) to even ask me what project I wish to open.


I click the project I want: 6:10 later it finishes drawing a map; not the map I actually want from the project; it isn't done yet though. Task Manager shows the CPU running at 100% for a good 2:00 even after there is no discernable change to the display. I choose the map I actually want display, go and make tee... and it still isn't done 5:00 later.


There are words for software like this. The most polite is unusable.