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Automatically passing Geopoint data from parent table to related table

Question asked by vworten_grd on May 27, 2019
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I have a survey with a geopoint field which passes its coordinates to another geopoint field in a related table. I did this by using the formula pulldata("@geopoint", ${location}, "y")+" "+pulldata("@geopoint", ${location}, "x") in both the default column and the calculation column of the related table's geopoint field. I also set the related table's geopoint field to "read only" because I only want location to be defined in the parent table so that the relate table will inherit the exact same location.


In past versions of Survey123, as soon as the survey was opened the coordinates were automatically passed from the parent table to the related table without the user having to anything with the related table's geopoint field. Now however, the related map on the related table doesn't initially show up at all (see 1 below.) Instead I have to click the refresh button (see 2 below) prior to the coordinates being pulled from the geopoint field in the parent table. I added a lat long text field (see 3 below) which uses the same pulldata formula to test whether or not the coordinates were being properly passed through and they are. 




Below is a screenshot of the excel version of the form. (I also attached it in case it's too small .) For the purposes of this illustration I hid all of the columns that were blank.



So my questions are:


1.  Is there any way to make my form work like it previously did where the user does not have to hit refresh button in the related table to get the geopoint values from the parent table.


2.  Is it possible to hide the related table's geopoint field altogether? When I add more than one geopoint field to a survey it can create confusion among the users as some of them think that they need to map the location twice. It also clutters up the survey. If possible I would like to hide the geopoint fields in the related tables.


3.  Am I even going about this the right way? I need the attributes from the related table to be "mappable" and the only way I can figure out how to do this is by adding a geopoint field to each related table that I want to map. Is there another way to map data that is located in a related table? If so, any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated.