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Export Training Data For Deep Learning from Raster Mosaic dataset

Question asked by shekhawatravi on May 29, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2019 by shekhawatravi

Hi Folks,


I am trying to create training data set for deep learning, using "Export Training Data For Deep Learning" tool.

  • Input raster - i am giving in this tool is Raster Mosaic Dataset (created by referencing tiff images located at location in my machine). This mosaic dataset in created inside FileGeodatabase.
  • Input Feature Class - is polygon feature class - which has building footprints.
  • Output image format - TIFF
  • Meatadata format - PASCAL Visual Object Classes.

This tool run successful without any error. at output folder location it creates following folder structure also,

  • images
  • labels
  • esri_model_definition.emd
  • esri_tile_lines.json
  • stats.txt

But there are images inside 'images' folder and there are no xml files inside 'labels' folder.


Where as in other scenario, where If i give input Raster - as single tif file. it works properly, and creates image chips and labels.


What might be the reason? doesn't this tool support Mosaic Dataset ? 

I have large areas, so i mosaic-ed the images and then i am trying to create training data set. Do i have to run this tool multiple times for multiple raster images?



Sangeet Mathew 




Ravindra Singh