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Anyone else seeing AGSLocationDisplay less responsive at 100.5?

Question asked by reedhtr on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by NFurness-esristaff

The blue dot stopped moving with me when I'm in motion outside as of version 100.5.  I have a production vs beta version of my app, so I could make sure it was the SDK by using the same device at the same time based on the same code, tapping back and forth between the 100.4 vs 100.5 builds as I walked outside testing.  I use the standard location feed from my iPads, and had consistent results from two devices. The blue dot steadily updated location in 100.4, following me smoothly as I strolled.  The 100.5 build only showed my initial position at startup, and only a few times updated before being stuck, animating my travel direction smoothly but not budging from a previous location.   Changing map modes such as between navigation and manual pan reliably triggered a single update of the location, but nothing afterward.


This problem does not reproduce on the "Display device location" developer sample for 100.5 provided by Esri, so this unfortunately is not so simple as 100.5 bad, 100.4 good.  The only difference I see so far between my code that worked since 100.1 and the new 100.5 sample that works is that the Esri sample is in swift, and that module of my code is in objective-c.  My question then is anyone else seeing this behavior?  If so, how does your code compare to the Display device location sample?


I'll be tackling this regardless in a few weeks starting with a long delayed swift conversion for that module.  If nobody sheds light on this for me, I'll post whatever resolution I reach that solves this hurdle. 


Thanks and best regards.