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CityEngine 2019 missing Plant Library ?

Question asked by alan_adk on May 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2020 by Holisticbynature

Hi folks,


We've recently installed the latest CE2019 and I'm just in the process of migrating old projects.

I noticed that the Plant Library is totally missing ?


In the 2019 Plant Loader rule the Asset Folder points to this directory which is non existent in my install ? 



I tried a quick fix by copying the 2018 Plant assets across and changing the above line to the new location, as per the 2018 version, but it still doesn't work and I get the Unknown Asset cube where trees are meant to be.   




I don't want to be digging through and changing existing code if this is a bug or some oversight with the installer ? 


Plus where are all the new glTF models that I've seen others refer to ?