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Flood Risk Model

Question asked by LeenaDev on May 27, 2019

Hello Experts,


We are new to the ArcGIS suit of products and we are currently looking for a solution to map the flood prone zones in a certain location.


The application will work like this 

- choose the location name and the application will use

1) the elevation model of a certain place

2) predicted rain/storm forecast for the same place

3) Demography/ population density for the same place


With the above our python algorithms will calculate the vulnerability index for the location

We have access to the data above from various different data sources but interested to know if 


1) we can access the three data points from arcgis online

2) are there existing floodfill models in arcGIS Pro we can explore

3) example use cases which can be helpful to study 


Our computing language is python so any example notebook will also help as pointers 



Thank You,