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Altitude constraint on web scene

Question asked by levyax on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2019 by levyax

Hi all


I have to block the minimum altitude of a web scene (in WAB 3D)
I put a constraint on Sceneview in the WebSceneloader.js file and it works great for global scenes.



var sceneView = new SceneView({
map: scene,
container: mapDivId,
constraints: { altitude: {min: 150, max: 10000000},
collision: {
enabled: false
tilt: {
max: 179.99


But it doesn't work for local scenes.

I found, I think the appropriate line (122) in the same file :


_handleLocalScene: function(sceneView){
if(sceneView.viewingMode && sceneView.viewingMode.toLowerCase() === 'local'){
lang.setObject("constraints.collision.enabled", false, sceneView);
lang.setObject("constraints.tilt.max", 179.99, sceneView);

The constraint on the camera works well so I added in the same way the constraint on the altitude but it doesn't work : 


lang.setObject("constraints.altitude.min", 150, sceneView);


Can u help me ?