ArcPro -- were it any slower it would run backwards

Discussion created by joincto on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by fordycen

ArcPro, what a piece of software. What a wonder.


I am starting to think that the only platform on which I can get this beast to perform is IBM's Big Blue.

Everything moves at glacial pace. Even just to list files in a folder needs several seconds pause. ESRI seem to think it requires visual feedback  that something is happening, and God knows, it is slow enough that perhaps they are right.

Does a sequence of lights flickering really add something to the user experience? It is just irritating. Instead of that,how about making your app responsive enough to provide the sought information within milliseconds. Then you won't need the flashing lights.


How about this for a scenario. I have a project and a map opened in Pro. I have made a minor change or two to the map, but I decide that I don't want any of it, and I exit choosing not to save. You would think that requires no effort on the part Pro right? Go ahead and exit and don't save anything......


So between four and five minutes later, with Task Monitor showing the CPU running at 100% the entire time, yes 100%, the app exits.


I just cannot fathom how a product can be this sluggish. Even a no-op: quit, don't save anything... essentially do nothing, takes 4 minutes of a CPU running at 100%.


What are you doing with these products? They are sluggish behemoths, full of bugs. In short, unusable.