How to create feature classes for Network Dataset from Geocoded addresses

Discussion created by bpdurand on Mar 3, 2011
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Please forgive all of the questions but I am new to ArcGIS.  I have been going through the help and the tutorials and I thought I was getting it but I hit another brick wall.   All I am trying to do (which should be very simple) is just take a list of addresses (patients) and figure out how far they are from a single given address (hospital).  So far, I have geocoded the addresses into a map and exported them and make layers.  Then I created a feature dataset using the geocoded addresses by using the IMPORT button.  I thought I was finally getting it.    I went into ArcCatalog and tried to create a new Network Dataset and I got the error message:

???There are no feature classes in the network container (I am guessing that is the same as the Feature Dataset) that can be added as feature sources.???

There is one other bit of information that I feel I need to provide and it is probably the cause of my problem.  I transformed  and projected the coordinate system from WGS_1984_1 to NAD_1983_NSR2007. I did this so that when I would calculate the line-of-sight/as-the-crow-flies distance it would come out in miles.

So, my basic question is "How do I create feature classes from Geocoded addresses that can be used to create a Network Dataset and used in Network Analyst?"

I will be searching the forums but any help would be appreciated.