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How to snap multimodal stops/points precisely/exactly!!! to transportation lines?

Question asked by klemen74 on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by nahmed-esristaff


I have a problem that I can not solve. I have pretty much experience with ArcGIS, especially with transportation analysis.

I have one layer of multimodal stops, where is possible to change transportation mode, i.e. between bus and metro. In network dataset such stops represent connection points between bus and metro. Therefore such stops must be assigned to both connectivity groups - bus and metro.

One important condition is that these points must be located exactly on the line of transportation network. I tried to do it by geoprocessing tool Snap. It looked good, but when I zoomed in, I found out that the points do not lie exactly on the line. I tried many other tricks, but no success.

Then I used tool Locate Features Along Route. The result was a table, which I used to perform a Display Route Events. The result was a point layer Route Events. Only in this layer all points (multimodal stops) were located exactly on the transport lines, even when I zoomed in to maximum. But..... I can not use the point-layer Point Events as an input layer for network dataset. I must change it to shapefile or feature class. But then - points move a little bit away from transport lines. 

I am in a kind of trap and I can not go on with my work.

Thank you very much for your help!