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Images and Geopoints error in Feature Report

Question asked by Mattheas on May 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by zliu-esristaff

We use the Feature Report for Survey123 quite a lot within our organisation. From time to time we tend to get errors and with help from this forum most of it is solved. There are however two kinds of question that are sometimes hard to solve the errors for: images and geopoints. 


In this particular survey there are 3 different image options:

  • General photos (in a repeat with only photos)
  • Specific photos (in a repeat with other questions)
  • Signature (not in a group nor repeat)

Specific photos and the signature work perfect, but I cannot seem to get the general photos to work. Part of the XlsForm with the general photos marked in red is shown below.


In the feature report template I have added the following code:

For a comparison, the specific photos, also in a repeat, are added to the template as follows. These photo tags are marked in red.

The photos "Foto1" and "Foto2" in the repeat "R_Elementen" are exported correctly. However, when I want to export the photos in "Foto" in the repeat "IMG", I get the following error:

In one of the earlier version of this survey, the export was fine, but after some changes (without changing the IMG-repeat) it started to produce this error. Any thoughts on this issue?