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Workforce - Survey123 Integration

Question asked by nflettesriaustralia-com-au-esridist Employee on May 21, 2019
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A local client has an existing workflow using Workforce for ArcGIS to send tasks to Health Department Inspectors.
The Inspectors receive their daily work list on an iPad, use Navigator for ArcGIS to locate and drive to their appointments, then Survey123 is used for the inspection questionnaire to complete their workflow.

Is it possible, upon completing a Survey123 survey to mark the job as completed in Workforce for ArcGIS at the same time?

If so, can this immediate trigger Navigator opening for their next task?
At the moment inspectors are working through their list of appointments, then marking them all as completed at the end of the day (if at all); and in most cases coordinators are unable to see their daily progress.


From the client:

We would like to streamline the process by using one/two button(s). For example, when the inspector finishes one job in Survey 123, Survey 123 will pop up the notification that “Have you finish the job for today?”. It is “Yes/No” question. If the inspector chooses “Yes”, then survey 123 will automatically turn the worker status in Workforce from “Working” to “Not Working”. If the inspector chooses “No”, another window will come up with a question like “Do you want to navigate to the next job?” If the answer is “Yes”, then the navigator will take the inspector to the next job on his/her job list