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'500' Error Connecting to Survey123 Web from Portal

Question asked by sgonzalez_bha on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by sgonzalez_bha

I've successfully published a sample Survey123 survey using Survey123 Connect; however, when trying to navigate to the online page for Survey123, where the individual beta reports are created, I seem to be running into "500 - Internal Server error". 


Using the Portal Url "", I should be able to navigate to this page,


When I do, I get the correct message showing the PortalURL at the top of the page, as the page suggests:


But once I click "Sign In," I get the 500 server error message:
I've verified that a wildcard is used for cross-domain javascript requests, as found here and even tried updating the 'AllowedOrigins' from '*' to '*,' to no avail.
If it helps, this is the URL that I get the 500 internal server error with:




Any suggestions???