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ArcPro Convert Time Field Tool

Question asked by Tville_GIS on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by Tville_GIS

Hi all,

I am working with ArcPro (2.3.2) and the Crime Analysis tool set.  I am trying to use the Convert Time Field tool.  I am able to convert a date only (as text) field into a date field with the date, however I am having difficulty converting a text field with time in to a time (date field).

I have tried to combine the text field type date field and the time and then use the tool to convert so that I have a new date/time field. 

Example  Incident_D and Incident_T are both text field type one with the date and one with the incident time.  When combined into a new text field called INCD_DT the data is like this:  ‘1/3/2019 00:54’ and the like.


When using the convert time field tool  I set up my Time Format as M/d/yyyy HH:mm  With this, my output is just the date, no time carried over. 


I’ve tried different versions of the time format but nothing seems to bring the time into the field. 


Any ideas on how I need to set up my date time fields so that it will work and convert the ‘text’ field types into a ‘date’ field type that shows date and time for an incident?