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Stereo Imagery - AT Project Format

Question asked by uniblob on May 17, 2019
Latest reply on May 27, 2019 by mattiastivlin_eskilstuna

I hope someone can offer me some guidance regarding stereo imagery in ArcGIS Pro.  I am currently acquiring orthophotography of my county and after having seen an article about stereo mapping using Image Analyst, I asked the vendor if they could provide the aerial imagery formatted as stereo pairs.  They are able to do that, but have asked me in which format I would like the ATed image frames.  They can provide;

  • PAT-B
  • SummitEV
  • SSK/Intergraph
  • Inpho

I have no experience in this area, and having checked the documentation, have not found any answers.  Can someone with some experience offer some help?  The vendor indicated that they most commonly use PAT-B.  Will that work with Image Analyst?