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Same version mxd one user can open the other can't

Question asked by jessie0000 on May 16, 2019

User A created an mxd and saved it. They are able to open it on any computer (all running the same version - this has been checked). There are a few mxds where this has occurred.


User B cannot open the mxd (using the same computers as User A) and gets the following: "opening the selected arcmap document failed" error msg. MXD doctor results in "error reading maps from map document. No map document parts can be recovered". A new install has not fixed the issue. Nor has renaming ESRI to ESRIold or Normal.mxt to Normal_old.mxt.


I'm assuming it's something to do with his profile. I had originally thought he was using a newer version but this is definitely not the case when I double checked yesterday. I have a copy of his ESRI profile for comparison purposes but am not sure what makes his special.


Any ideas would be appreciated.