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ArcGIS/Storymap/Shortlist – URL/Hyperlink issue

Question asked by Joseph.Macneil_geohio on May 16, 2019

ArcGIS/Storymap/Shortlist – URL/Hyperlink issue



Trying to showcase over a 1000 built schools using the Shortlist app.

I have multiple hyperlinks per school profile. When uploading from excel hyperlinks remain intact in the ArcGIS map. However, when creating the Shorlist Storymap application my multiple hyperlink integrity is lost.

This can be remedied manually but at multiple hyperlinks per profile and over a 1000 records it is very time consuming. What is worse is when trying to make minor corrections or changes the time to restore the hyperlinks becomes a problem that raises questions about continued viability.

Our programmers consider that only ESRI can remedy.

Any ideas?

Joe Macneil

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