Editing in the UN Asset Package is not updating subnetworks correct

Discussion created by damienpyne on May 15, 2019

We have been running some PoC works on the electric utility network asset package.  Mostly there is a good general understanding of the UN and how to create and configure own own, but as expected we keep finding some issues that may be just related to the AP config without knowing all the ins and outs.


Our most recent works have been for an editing to create a new network and tie this into the existing dataset (new subsource and open an existing switch).  The user created the new network and opened the switch without issue.  When they have run the update subnetworks GP the subnetlines feature creates but the subnetwork name attribute stops along the feeder, conflicting with the subnetwork line. 


This has been repeated by this user in a separate version.


The red circle shows where the new subnetwork controller has been created, and the updated subnetline feature is the white outline on the network to the right (shown clearer in image 2)


This shows the updated subnetlines, and the location of the opened switch.

Feeder id (subnetwork name) attribute not updated on the electric lines as shown below.  This location is shown about with an "X" in the image above.


From the online documentation and Esri UN training we have completed this should be a simple workflow:

1) add and configure new subnetwrok controller

2) add new network and tie into existing network

3) open existing swtich

4) validate, save and run update subnetworks


Is there any other functions or configurations we need to be aware of for this to propagate through correctly?