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How to concatenate answers from 2 questions to define choices?

Question asked by whitney on May 11, 2019
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I'm trying to create a field (ELEMENT_SEARCH) to define a choice_filter, based on two fields: ELEMENT_TYPE (A, P, C) and SEARCH_TYPE (Scientific, Common). I create ELEMENT_SEARCH as a field type of CALCULATE with calculation of ${element_type}&" - "&{search_type}, which fails with the error below. I then tried CONCAT(${element_type}," - ",${search_type}), but that error indicated XPath evaluation: cannot handle function 'CONCAT', although CONCAT is listed in the types tab. For example, I'm trying to get "A - Scientific" or "A - Common", to allow the user to select indicate to search animals/plants/communities by Scientific/Common Name. Can anyone suggest the appropriate calculation to use to achieve a concatenation of 2 fields? Or perhaps I'm going about this wrong?